Redefine your homes with simplicity!

In the ever-evolving industry of interior designing for homes, the latest trend is to accessorize your home with simple yet exclusive pieces that will make every corner of your home looks like a fashion statement. There are various ways to accentuate the beauty of every corner of your dream home and make it look like the way you have always wanted it to look like, all in a budget.

Below are a few simple yet impactful ways to make your home look like a dream:

Re-arrange the furniture pieces according to the mood!

It could be a little mundane to see the same arrangement everyday. To break the monotony, the quickest way to make your place look different is to move your furniture to a new place or keeping it in a different way.

Keep flowers and plants to give that refreshing touch to your space!

Adding flowers and plants can make your home look refreshingly beautiful. A variety of indoor plants like Areca Palm, English Ivy, Indian Basil, Spider Plant and many more can be added in the corners of your rooms to give a touch of Mother Nature. A pink Bazalea in front of a white wall can add a pop of colour to a simple interior.

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It's an experience and not just a home

A home is not just an amalgamation of bricks and lights and cabinets, it is about crafting that aura, putting the colours to the walls, buying the favourite curtains and matching your style to every piece you put in your home. ‘Home is where the heart is’ and that is the reason why we always put our hearts in choosing a dream home. From the endless Pinterest ideas to watching DIY videos and failing to re-create the looks we’re going for, it is like an endless battle to re-create the looks we desire to have in our homes. To make things even more interesting, there are thousands of ways for every room of a home, and the outdoor spaces too, making them look exactly like the home of your dreams. We’re talking about the trending ways like mid-century modern, coastal cool, bohemian chic, rustic farmhouse and the list goes on to help you get the perfect look for your home.

A home of your dreams!

It takes years to own the perfect home that matches all your desires and wishes, a home that matches your style and aspirations, and a home that looks like the one you see in your dreams. Often homes are a part of you, where you invest your time and money, it’s an investment that secures yours and your family’s future. It is a dream come true to design and shape your home into a space that holds your memories and hosts your moment for a lifetime. Create your own decors, splash your favourite colours and make your home look like a piece of craft that will last for a lifetime.

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Make Lohagaon your new address!

Pune has been developing tremendously in the last few years and Lohagaon is one of the fastest developing areas yet keeping the roots of Puneri culture intact. Lohagaon is primarily known for hosting one of the oldest Air Force Base in India. It is well-connected and has vast stretches of lush green to keep the balance between a modern life and a healthy environment to live in. It connects directly to locations like Wagholi, Ahmednagar highway, Dhanori and many more such places. Lohagaon has shown an admirable development in recent years. It is now becoming one of the residential areas in demand. The properties are equipped with amenities and everything that enhances your lifestyle.

Say yes to better living, say yes to Skyways!

Skyways Sereno and Skyways Esfera are two of the most talked about residential projects in Lohagaon. They host homes that match to the modernities of the lifestyle while still being connected to the natural environs. The homes have a reviving aura instilled in every home that is built. It is crafted to match your needs and requirements for an uncompromising life. Comfort and convenience embrace the homes, ensuring healthier living and a better lifestyle. If you choose Lohagaon as your address then Skyways has the perfect homes for you to live in with your loved ones.

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